Genevieve Simms

The Rooms of Gormenghast

Personal work | June 2020 - ongoing

An exploration into how spaces play a role in narratives by looking at some of the rooms described in the book Titus Groan, by Mervyn Peake.

Cat Room.jpgThe Hall of Bright Carvings.jpgThe Tower of Flint.jpg
Flower Market
Noisy Crows
The Walrus Reads
The Feminine Force
The Small Hours
Summer Camp Memories
The White Fleet
Greetings From Canada
Love Your Pet
Rock Modern
A-List Series
Toronto Geometry Colloquium
Marching Band
ATB Mural
The Fernie Curse
Recognized Man
Ice Time
Standard Issues
Ojiichans Gift
Healthy Soil
The Breeders