Screech!: Ghost Stories from Old Newfoundland

Nimbus Publishers | August 2020

Series of ten spooky illustrations to accompany short stories intended for middle-grade readers.
From the publisher: Featuring ghostly black-and-white illustrations from Newfoundland artist Genevieve Simms, as well as an overview of the Newfoundland storytelling tradition, and a Story Behind the Story for each tale, Screech! is equal parts eerie and educational, making it a riveting read as well as a great resource for budding historians and storytellers.

01_Ghostly Longboat.jpg07_The Darkness.jpg09_Ghosts of Pushthrough_01.jpg10_Alone on the barrens.jpg
Ice Time
Marching Band
Greetings From Canada
Healthy Soil
Ojiichans Gift
Love Your Pet
Rock Modern
Flower Market
Standard Issues
Noisy Crows
The Feminine Force
Recognized Man
The Breeders
The Small Hours
The White Fleet
The Fernie Curse
Toronto Geometry Colloquium
A-List Series
The Walrus Reads
Summer Camp Memories
ATB Mural